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Women Together

We supply our members with Kuku(Chicken) Kienyeji, they rare them and once ready we get markets for them. As a member you are entitled to 4 free chicken Nyaluo. The profits will be huge given we source markets far away where there is demand. You are also attached to a vet extension officer who keeps checking health of the chicken. Register today

Commodity Market Linkages

Do you have products and commodities within your locality or farm but which you can get markets for? Be it Rice, Avocado, Rabuon, Bel, Oduma kata bando…We get you markets for your efforts..Register Today to be a member

Luo Woman Festival (LUOWEF)

This is an annual Luo girl women festival held to reward effort and show case what a Luo woman is made of. The very first one is coming up in April in Kisumu(Venue to be announced later). During the festival, you can show case cookery, fashion, culture, education, or anything new a Luo woman can teach others..This is for you.
During the festival, we will have our Luo women in different sphere of life mentor the young gilrs on various life issues and career.

There will be a special session for Nyar Luo e i jokon…Show case what you can cook Nyaluolikali. There will also be a session for ahero dhowa where speaking Kijaluo will be tested and winner rewarded.
There will be rewards for different spheres and categories

A Luo woman Business Starter Pack

We identify members who can do various businesses in their localities and fund them after training on how to do small time businesses.
Be a member today

Special Luo Woman

Here we identify Luo women with special skills in different life skills and share with the world for who may need the service and hire them.

We also have special sessions for “Hire a Luo Woman”
Learn unique skills from Luo woman Works and Entrepreneurs. Special Luo women will take the forum through skills to make life better.

Help a needy Luo woman

This is a channel through which Ola helps needy girls and women either by school fees, construct a small residential house, till a shamba.

The needy cases are identified through our regional volunteers in the whole of Luo Nyanza
We have special breakfast meetings with who is who in the Luo woman fraternity to raise funds for the same

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