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Get Involved

  • With Kshs 1000 a month you could help a needy Luo woman start a business
  • With Ksh 2000 a month, you could take a needy girl to school

  • With Ksh 500 a mnth, you could pay our office expenses
  • With just Ksh 300 a month you could help construct a simpe house for a needy Luo woman in the village

The first step to getting Luo women into the meaningful life, is to have a place where they can begin to engage with the broader community in a supportive environment to learn basic skills and earn money.

OLA operates a shop front, for stuff made by our women to be sold out to support our activities.

How can you help? By sponsoring for a week, a month or a year some of our ongoing expense..Help a needy Luo woman

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