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Who We Are

About OLA(Ordinary Luo Affair)

OLA(Ordinary Luo Affair) a non-profit social enterprise creating opportunities, mentorship, market linkages, create a hub for Luo women to share great products/services that are ‘Luo Made’ with Love in Luo land’.

Our mission is to support them in taking their first steps towards self sustaining business so they can ultimately empower themselves and overcome the barriers they face in seeking meaningful life with emphasis to Luo women and Girls

Market Linkages

We create market linkages for great products, services and commodities from the ordinary Luo. We firmly believe that ‘Work and creativity Empowers Women’. Therefore, rather than becoming beneficiaries the women become our business partners, and together we develop and sell marketable products with 50-75% of the profits going to them and the remainder going back into the organization for reinvestment. Through this approach, we work together to create a better future for the LUO society.

Every product/service purchased from OLA supports women Entrepreneurs and mentorship for our young girls for women in Luo land in our programs. We identify women in our communities, register them and support them with great farming and agricultural ideas


Our Entrepreneurs are supported by us and friends of OLA. Women who have come together to change the way our lives are in Luo land and create financial independence and happily settled in the villages. They rare chicken, jointly firm vegetables and other farm produce for sale make the products, we create the pathways for selling them.

All of our efforts are geared towards improving the lives of Luo women and young girls and women mentorship. You can be confident that every donation and or effort to OLA works for Luo women – OLA Empowers Women.

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